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DaVID's Story

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 8th, David had a seizure. He was at the Starbucks in University Village meeting with a potential new client with one of the partners in his firm. We are so grateful that he was with people and in a safe place (i.e. not driving). He was rushed to the University of Washington ER. Initial tests showed nothing, and we were all hoping it was a one-time event. The doctor did request additional tests of course, including an MRI and EEG. The MRI was Sunday November 13th. The EEG was supposed to be Thursday the 17th. The doctor said to do both tests, and if all was clear he would not need to see him until after Thanksgiving.

David got the call Monday the 14th to come in the next day, and of course they couldn’t give any information over the phone. David and Jessica went in and met with Neurologist Tuesday the 15th and saw the MRI scan and the presence of a tumor in his right frontal lobe. The Neurologist immediately scheduled an appointment for the next day with a Neurosurgeon.  The appointment was at 11:30 on Wednesday, November 16th, and Sue (David’s Mom), Gayle (Jessica’s Mom), and myself (David’s sister) went with them. They estimated the tumor to be 5 centimeters by 4.5 by 4.

David had surgery on Monday November 21st, 2011.  They removed a tennis ball-sized tumor from his right frontal lobe. They could not get all of the “visible” tumor because it was too close to his right-side motor function control area.

Ten days after surgery, the official diagnosis was given- an Oligodendroglioma tumor. It is a grade two, which is slower growing. It is considered invasive, meaning tumor cells exist beyond what is seen on an MRI, and they will keep trying to grow.  David was on chemotherapy for one year from December 2011 to December 2012. He is now going in for regular MRIs and is actively involved in supporting brain tumor research and patient advocacy.

David’s tumor has been nicknamed “Goliath”. Please pray for miraculous healing for David, strength for David and his family, and a cure for all suffering from brain tumors.



David spoke at the 2013 End Brain Cancer "Brains Matter" Awareness Auction and Luncheon, where he was honored with the HOPE Award  Read More>


July 9, 2017: Head for the Cure 5K   Register >​

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To walk the walk for brain tumor and brain cancer patients, to bring awareness to this underfunded disease, to advocate for all those who fight the fight!

DaVID's Story

Defeat Goliath